Knowledge Gap

Five hundred years ago, truth could be obtained through torture, science was an illusion created by the devil to lead the unwary astray, and people could be summarily executed by the ruling class. We’ve come a long way since then – we only use torture on “enemies of the state”, science is a left-wing plot to take over the world, and people can be summarily executed by remote-controlled drones. And the people who happen to be near them. And the people who come to tend to the injured. And the people foolish enough to attend the funerals.

In the old days an aristocrat could dispose of his peasants with impunity, and the church could conduct witch hunts. Today the world’s remaining superpower rains death from drones in countries it is not at war with, and imprisons people indefinitely without trial on mere suspicion – sometimes based on ‘evidence’ obtained by torture of other unfortunates.

We used to think the universe revolved around us. Recently we used science and technology to go to the moon. Now we have tossed science aside. We’re too busy circling the drain.


About n0b0dyz

Retired, Mensa drop-out, curioser and curioser.
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